We are full insured and licensed as a business by the county of Chesterfield. A current Virginia State Police criminal background check is on file. References are also available upon request.

I now utilize a streaming service that works much like Netflix. All recordings going forward will appear there in high definition with chapter stops to quickly access a particular dance. The service has an app that can be downloaded to phones, tablets, smart TVs, computers, and laptops that makes viewing easy and accessible. No more using time, data, and storage space to download videos! I’ll provide a link at your request if you want to sample the service.

Recording Packages

All dance studios must purchase a recording package from Lowe Productions. Not only does it provide each student, their friends, and their family access to the performance recording, but it can be shared and downloaded for extended family members to view. These contracted clients will have booking date priority.

Prices for recording packages are set on a per student basis and vary according to the number enrolled and number of different performances within a recital. Pricing them in this manner will provide a much lower price than what is currently charged to families for the video. Many studios choose to build this fee into their tuition or recital fee to cover the cost. You have the option to set your own price to charge families and potentially provide a profit for your studio.

Payment for recording packages is split in half. The first half will be due prior to the event and the second half is due when the video is completed, 5 days prior to release.

Unauthorized Recording

As has always been my policy, there is to be no recording of performances by audience members. That includes even a single performance within a show. I also kindly ask that dress rehearsals not be recorded.

I still ask that audience members keep recording to a minimum as the light from phones is distracting in the video (not to mention other audience members).

Camera Placement

Some venues do not have an adequate area for a camera setup. If such a case arises, I require seats to be held for me to use for recording. As of now, this only applies to The Perkinson Center. I normally need 6-8 seats among 2 rows there for setup.

If a venues recording area is only accessible via ladder, I must be provided a section of seats as an alternative. Currently, The Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen is the only venue that is affected by this, and I require a space of just 6 seats among two rows there.

I can provide the row and seat numbers for the venues above. This will not be a disturbance to the audience. Since I am now at the back for most event recording, the cameras are only in view of sound and lighting techs that are behind. This has not presented a problem.


In venues that do not allow me access to their soundboards to acquire audio or where the soundboard is not accessible for whatever reason, I will need the music tracks sent to me via DropBox or Google Drive within one week after the event. I also place a small digital recorder at the stage to pick up tap routines when applicable, if your show contains them and the venue allows. Additionally, please let me know if your show contains any microphone use or vocals so I can properly set up to capture that audio.

These terms and conditions are subject to changes.

Perfect for:

Special Church Programs and Events

Choral Concerts



Cheer / Dance Competitions

School Programs and Concerts

Christmas/Holiday Programs

Class Reunions



For audio capture – a “line level” signal via 1/8″, 1/4″, XLR or RCA output directly from the event sound system containing all source tracks used for the event be available. We have experience in sound engineering if there are questions as to how this can be provided. Depending on the type of event, we may also utilize our own audio recording system.

A working, 3-prong 120V electrical outlet available for our use.

Lowe Productions retains all creative rights to final video edit.